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What's the difference between Dry and Wet dog food?

There is abundance of dog food options on the market and it can make it difficult to select a diet that is right for your pet. Even the simplest decision between wet and dry dog food can be confusing due to the vast variety of brands and ingredients available.

It's always a good idea to see your veterinarian for more precise advice tailored to your dog's lifestyle, but this article will go over the key distinctions between dry and wet dog food.

When selecting the best food for your dog, the ingredients list on the packaging matters more than the actual variety. After all, canine health is greatly influenced by nutrition. To meet its nutritional demands and promote healthy growth, your dog needs a high-quality diet that offers everything. There is no universally applicable formula for determining the precise ingredients required. When seeking for the ideal food, individual aspects like age, weight, exercise level, and state of health need certainly be taken into account. For healthy adult dogs, it is generally advised to provide them a diet that consists of about 70% premium meat, 30% veggies, and high-quality fats and oils. A dog's diet shouldn't contain excessive amounts of grains, preservatives, artificial flavour enhancers, or even sweets like sugar. So it's best to first read the label before selecting a variety of meals.

In this blog we will give you some insight on dry and wet food and provide the good and bad points for each. We will also provide the benefits from our dry and wet dog foods

How Is Wet Dog Food Made?

Wet food preparation begins with the grinding of the meat or other protein sources. Then, a gravy that includes cereals, vitamins, and minerals is added. The food is boiled and sterilised once they have been combined to create the packaged product.

Wet food therefore has a lot more moisture than dry food. The maximum moisture percentage is displayed on the label in the Guaranteed Analysis section. A wet food may include up to 78% moisture compared to a dry food's maximum moisture content of 10%. (max.).

The Processing of Dry Dog Food

While the components for dry food are essentially similar, the meat combination is ground into a consistent dough for cooking rather than being combined with gravy and packaged.

Once the dough has been cooked, it is extruded through specially formed holes to make kibble. After drying, the kibble is sprayed with fats, oils, vitamins, and minerals before being packaged before the fats and oils go bad.

Live probiotics are sometimes included in dry dog food diets to support immunity and digestive health.

The advantages of wet dog food over dry dog food

Wet food benefits the dog directly, unlike dry food, which primarily benefits the owner in terms of cost, convenience, and cleanliness. If dogs could choose their own food, most would likely choose wet food.

.Some advantages of wet dog food, sometimes known as "wet food," over dry food include:

• Higher moisture content: If your dog doesn't drink as much as they should or if they have a health condition that could benefit from regular hydration, wet food may be a smart option. A dog with a history of kidney or urinary problems is one example.

• Palatability: When compared to dry food, wet dog food often has a stronger aroma and flavour. If a dog's appetite is lowered due to illness or age, this may encourage them to eat.

• Satiety: Increased satiety is helpful in weight management, especially in dogs who appear to have an endless appetite. Wet dog food tends to create a longer-lasting feeling of being "full."

• Easier to chew: Dogs with oral anomalies or dental disease may find wet food to be more comfortable to eat than dry food.

· They can eat a lot without going over their recommended calorie intake because of the lower energy content per portion

Advantages of Dry Dog Food over Wet Dog Food

There are many advantages to dry dog food, or "kibble," that wet food does not have, including:

Dry food stimulates dogs to chew their food, which helps avoid tartar accumulation and secondary periodontal disease and has positive effects on dental health.

• Convenience: Dry diets are considerably simpler to pre-portion than wet food, and they won't go bad if left out all day. This may be advantageous for grazer dogs.

• Cost-effective: Depending on the brand of food, dry diets may be less expensive to purchase and store over time.

• Food enrichment: Kibble is simpler to integrate into slow feeders and food puzzles, which may enhance a dog's quality of life by stimulating their minds.

Tips for Blending Wet and Dry Dog Food

Another choice that can offer the best of both worlds is combining dry and wet dog food. But in order to avoid overfeeding, it's crucial to make sure you're still giving your pet the recommended daily feeding amount.

The easiest method to accomplish this is to have your local veterinarian determine how many calories your pet needs each day to maintain their current weight. Then you can determine how many calories your dog needs to consume each day in dry and wet food, taking into account any calories from treats.

Dogs who are prone to digestive issues should preferably only eat one type of food, as switching back and forth between wet and dry food could upset sensitive stomachs and cause diarrhoea or constipation.

Webbox Naturals dry and wet food.

Webbox Naturals dry kibble offers a complete diet for your dogs, there are special formulated kibble for puppies and seniors, made with natural ingredients and gentle on tummies. Some of the benefits are;

Wheat Free Recipe-Gentle on sensitive tummies

Prebiotic Fibres-Helps promote healthy digestion and gut health Source of Omega 3- Added salmon oil, a source of omega-3 which supports skin, coat and joint health Hypoallergenic -This recipe is free from dairy, soya and eggs No Nasties -Our recipe contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Crunchy Texture- Helps to improve dental health Natural Antioxidants- Helps improve your dog's own natural defences Vet Approved- This recipe has been approved by the experts Yucca Extract - Helps reduce stool odour

Our Webbox Naturals wet food trays are ideal for small dogs or as a snack on treks or beach days. It's a complete food for your dog that's packed with natural nutrients and minerals. There are variants of trays made especially for pups, adults, and seniors.

Webbox Naturals wet food contains high-quality ingredients, many of which have beneficial benefits for your pet's health and well-being. These foods are made using high-quality protein sources and are designed to provide dogs with everything they need to stay active and healthy.

Webbox is a trusted brand that has been on the market for many years; you can be confident that you are selecting a reputable manufacturer of high-quality dog foods. Since the majority of pet owners who feed this food to their dogs report that their four-legged pets adore the taste, you can be confident that even the pickiest pup will enjoy Webbox wet and dry foods.

Meatiful, Premium wet food

Meatiful is a British company located in

Lancashire that manufactures high-quality, single-source protein wet dog food.

As a single source protein, you can be certain that your dogs are getting only the best. Most wet foods contain a blend of protein sources, so even if you believe you are giving a dog high-quality meat, it may be mixed with cheaper meat that isn't as good as you would hope for.

Meatiful is currently offered in four flavours in Hong Kong: salmon, chicken, duck, and turkey. Each ingredient is sustainably obtained to guarantee that only the best ingredients are used in your pets' food. Scottish salmon with brown rice and carrots packs a protein punch and is high in omega 3. Free Range Chicken because we care about the quality of the meat we feed our animals as much as the welfare of the sources, Duck with mixed vegetables, which makes feeding time feel incredibly luxurious, and Turkey with Chickpea and Green beans (Grain Free), all are made with 80% meat and 100% natural ingredients, and are made with low or no grain, making it perfect for sensitive stomachs and protein for growing pups.

Meatiful provides a balanced, digestible diet that promotes tissue growth and repair. Some believe that sausages leak saturated fats; these, on the other hand, ooze quality. Meatiful takes pleasure in providing healthy pet food that dogs like. Whatever kind you choose, your dog is guaranteed to like these sausages.

These sausages are simple to cut and combine with dried food, but they don't have to be and make an excellent transition for those feeding a raw diet. There's no messy jelly or gravy either, just top quality meat with a tiny amount of rice and veggies to tie it all together.

Because the percentage of meat clearly outweighs any other ingredient, they must be refrigerated once opened. They have a long enough shelf life unopened if you wish to save them for a special meaty treat!

Meatiful is currently only available from a few stockists, with more becoming available as everyone realises how great it is.

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