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Our Brands

Wando HK are the exclusive distributor for UK's leading pet brands for Hong Kong and Macau.  Meatiful , Webbox , Webbox Naturals and Tasty Bone


Looking for grain-free or hypoallergenic pet food that will keep your fur baby in tip top shape? Webbox Naturals may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. Our specially designed natural pet food is ethically produced and includes only the highest quality ingredients- promoting your pet’s health from head to paw. The range is gentle on tummies; perfect for those pets with a more delicate disposition


We make tantalisingly tasty pet food to promote health and well-being. Our ethical pet products are mindfully produced as well as being great value for money


Passionately British, Meatiful complete sausages are produced using prime meat cuts to create high quality single sourced protein foods with the finest vet approved recipes. The healthy pet food sausages we produce are a delicious food that dogs adore. Whatever variety you decide on, your pooch is sure to love our sausages.


TastyBone is the UK’s leading manufacturer of nylon chews and edible treats and is fast becoming a recognised worldwide brand, exported to over 30 countries. With an array of flavours, sizes, and shapes TastyBone is a breed apart from the rest, with uncompromising standards of quality and continuous product development we make products you and your customers will love.

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